About Brian Bors

Welcome to my portfolio site.
I am Brian Bors and my existence in this universe in primarily justified by my game design talents. On this website you will find Game Design projects as well as my CV and my contact information all accessible on your left.
I live in Hilversum (The Netherlands) at the moment working for Accessibility. I test websites to see whether or not they are accessible to people with disabilities. But I also write about game accessibility.
I am creative, I don't mind working outside the 9 to 5 boundaries, I like working together with talented people who I can trust to get the job done. I love all sorts of games, if I don't create them I play them.
A pet peeve of mine is bad interaction design within game design. I hate it when the interaction with the game doesn't flow naturally.
Next to that I like creating games that are secretly a bit innovating but very recognizable so that the player doesn't feels lost but does experience things they never did before in computer games.
I excel in the gameplay and immersion side of game design, but do not lack talent in other area's. I can even script a fair bit and often program and test the prototype core-gameplay myself.
Thank you for your interest,

Brian Bors