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Name: Brian Bors
Adres: Diepweg 15, 1211AE Hilversum
Tel.: 06-53494983
Date of birth: September 19th 1986
shoe size: 42


Havo. 2000-2004
HBO Bachelor: Game design and development at HKU. 2004-2009

Game design jobs

Freelance Game designer for "TNO" (Defence, security and safety). January 2008 - May 2008
Freelance Game designer for "Euro's for Vrede". November 2008 - March 2009
Lead Game designer for "Urban States". 2010 - 2011
Website inspector and game accessibility researcher at Accessibility. February 2009 - Present.

Non-commercial groupsprojects

Timeshift Half Life mod; Level Designer, Programmer and Lead game designer. 2002
Heimr, open source LARP rule system; Lead Game Designer and Lore writer. 2009 - Present.


Writing design documents for innovative games and iteratively improving those based on playtests is my primary skill.
I am not a professional programmer but I can program or script in (for example) Actionscript, C++, GameMaker (GML), The old Source Engine, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D and Virtools.
I have a good grasp of Object Oriented Programming and have no problems in learning to use new programming languages or engines.

Relevant Hobbies:

Tabletop roleplaying games; 12 years experience as a game/dungeon master.
LARP event organizer; 3 years experience as an event organizer for Vortex Adventures and Heimr.
Tabletop game design from when I was 6 years old.
Fanatic gamer, tabletop, pc, console, mobile as well as handheld.
Game theory hobbyist.
LARP theory hobbyist.
Download this CV in .pdf format (64kb)